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france 5 live

Juli Heute geht die Tour de France in die 5. Etappe (im LIVETICKER). Fünf - wenn auch einfache - Bergwertungen müssen die Fahrer heute. France 5 is a public television network in France, part of the France Télévisions group. Principally featuring educational programming, the channel's motto is la. Juli Die Tour de France geht auf die fünfte Etappe: Im Westen Frankreichs wartet auf dem Weg nach Quimper die bisher schwerste.

Our tag-team coverage continues. Susan jumping in again to take you the rest of the way, as Steve Farrand races to the finish line. He starts a solo chase but he lacks team support.

As Pinot said the other day, Il Lombardia can be decided on the descents as well as the climbs. There is a rider close to the trio.

He's trying to go across the gap to the trio. It is up to Valverde, Sky and others to chase them now and on the 16km flat roads before the Civiglio.

The descent is very technical, narrow and twisting. Last year De Plus and Bakelants crashed over the edge near here. Nibali is leading Pinot down the descent.

They lead Roglic by 15 seconds, with other chasers just behind. Yet again a spectator's camera strap has brought down a rider.

The spectators were in the road and not behind the barriers. Nibali is at the front with Pelizzotti, Oinot is there too but Valverde and Bardet are further back.

Haig has been swept up as LottoNL take over. They're setting up a fast pace to the foot of the Muro di Sormano.

The descent of the Ghisallo leads to the foot of the Colma di Sormano. There is nowhere to hide now.

Australia's Jack Haig is next over the summit. He has accelerated from the peloton, as the gap comes down fast.

From the CN blump we can see all the big-name contenders carefully spinning their legs on the climb of the Ghisallo. They will need their strength for later, for the steep Colma di Sormano and especially the Civiglio climb.

The Bahrain-Merida team is setting the pace now, with Vincenzo Nibali looking good on the wheels just a few places back. He's clearly no longer on form.

The Madonna del Ghisallo is considered the patron saint of cyclists and the tiny chapel is packed with bikes, jerseys and memorials of riders who have passed away.

There are also statues of Coppi and the stunning new cycling museum that is well worth a visit. The move is down to seven riders now but the peloton is closing the gap.

It is down to 2: They could be caught over the top of the Ghisallo or near the Colma di Sormano. The riders face km of racing today.

The hardest climbs come in the final 90km and so we are about to enter the finale of Il Lombardia. There are lots of falling leaves but little risk for the riders on the technical descents.

I like it because it is a race where you can not hide. We have km still to go and the gap has gone back up. The eight in the break group now have 4: This climb is a mere bump in the road compared to the upcoming Sormano.

It averages out at Here is our full report on today's Tour of Turkey stage , where Alvaro Hodeg took what seems like Quick Step's billionth win this season.

We have a pleasant day here, if perhaps not so autumnal. That's it from me for today. I'm off and Susan will be taking over for a short time.

Then it's headline act Stephen Farrand for the final few hours. Think Pyramid stage on the Saturday night at Glasto. There's Valverde again, moving to the front on that new Canyon of his.

Want a closer look at the world champion's new bike? Head over to this page and take a look. A reminder, you can find our complete start list, right here.

It's interesting that Simon Gerrans is listed. I cant' see him in the field - doesn't mean he's not there - but he had planned on retiring at the Canadian races last month.

The push from the peloton has meant that the gap to the break has dropped to 3' They never stood a chance, did they? You can read the full story, here.

The race is gently rolling towards Como and we've not seen any action from the main contenders just yet. A reminder of the riders in the break:. They have just over five minutes over the bunch with Movistar and FDJ sharing the pace setting duties.

A few Bahrain riders are near the front too. Still can't get over the fact that Quick-Step have won 71 races this season. That number could stretch into the 80s given that we still have several weeks of racing to go.

Instead they focus on young sprint talent and Classics and corner that market. It's incredible in terms off their results.

At one point in September they'd average a win every four days since the start of the year. We mentioned EF earlier, and they're on just six wins for the entire season.

That's not a slight on the American team but it puts into context what Quick-Step are doing right now. While some of the riders head back to the team cars to pick up bottles and instructions, why not listen to our latest podcast.

It features an exclusive interview with Heinrich Haussler. At times incredibly personal, the Australian talks about leaving his family at the age of 14 and heading to Germany, where he didn't know the language and was rejected by schools.

He eventually found his feet, and the rest is history - and also covered in this podcast. EF also come with a strong squad, with Woods and Uran leading the line.

They've combined well in recent weeks but haven't taken a win in trade team colours. We get a brief shot of Adam Yates. Many tipped him for a result in the Italian one-day races but he's not delivered yet.

A poor Worlds, and not his best form have seen him tail off but Lombardia is a race that suits him. Mitchelton have form here to, having won the race with Chaves in They've come here with a formidable team as well.

The gap is still holding at around five minutes as we see Nibali drop back for a moment. There's a slight lull in the bunch but that will change as reach the foot of the climb in a few minutes.

They're on 71 for the season with Hodeg coming out on top today. Here's our report , and results are soon to follow. Michael Storer is the youngest in the break at just He came through the ranks as part of Mitchelton Scott's development team but was snapped up by Sunweb at the start of this season.

Anyway, this is a nice little cameo for Storer today who splits his time between Varese and Perth.

The leaders are working well together with Marcato taking a long pull on the flat. The year-old won Paris Tours back in and is a respected domestique.

We've covered 80km so far and the bunch are just holding the break at an even five minutes. We've seen Movistar sit back a little and a few more teams post riders on the front in a bid to keep the break in check.

On Friday we compiled a list of riders who needed a result in order to save their seasons. What do you think?

The leaders pass the summit and head down the rather technical descent. Movistar then lead the bunch over the climb 5'42 down on the leading eight riders.

There's Valverde, tucked in behind his Movistar teammates, near the front of the peloton. The pace has settled down now, as the leaders push their advantage out to 6 minutes.

Onto the Colle Gallo and the lead is up to 5' Back in the bunch it's FDJ and Movistar who are among the teams chasing.

I say chasing, they're really just tapping out a nice steady tempo in order to keep the break in check. Finally, the bunch have eased up enough and allowed the break to increase their advantage.

It isn't huge but it's at least start to move out towards five minutes. At the moment the gap is at 3'45 and the leaders are:.

We're about 15km from the Colle Gallo, the first major ascent of the race. At that point we'll know if the early break has established a healthy enough lead but at the moment they're having to fight for every second out on the road.

The gap is only at around 1'20, so the bunch haven't entirely given up. That's mainly because a number of teams have missed the breaks, so they've been ordered to the front to set a fast tempo.

It's going to be a really long day for the riders who are already suffering out there. Our lead group have an advantage that's approaching a minute.

This certainly looks promising, while the chase has gone out of the peloton. This is the point at which the break need to ram home their advantage.

That's a decent little move with some quality firepower. We've covered almost 30km now with the leaders forming and dropping a couple from their number to create the above group.

Two groups have now managed to skip clear, and Quick-Step have posted a man in the second group, so this could be the early move of the day.

We have two riders, followed by a group of around The peloton haven't eased off just yet so it could all come back together in the next few minutes.

Just under 20km covered so far. The second period has opened similar to how much of the first played out. That competitive spirit is stifling individual and collective quality in this contest.

The second half is under way. A great header from raphaelvarane gives FRA the lead at half-time! Instead, it represents the fine margins that often determine results at this level.

This is an example of how the best teams punish mistakes. There will be two minutes of added time in the first half. What a save by Hugo Lloris!

Rafael Varane gives Les Bleus the lead on the ensuing free kick. Varane beats his man to the ball and puts France up late in the first half!

More of the same. France hogs possession, Uruguay makes life hard for France with good positioning, focus and determination.

France must use the wide spaces better in order to unlock this Uruguay defense. Neither side has established a rhythm to its play, largely due to the physical nature of the contest.

Nevertheless, the trend probably suits Uruguay, which is perfectly comfortable counter-attacking, more than it does the ball-dominant France team. France seems to have settled into the contest, which has taken the expected physical turn early on.

Uruguay fails to register a shot on goal, but any nerves the young French team is feeling have emerged.

Watch them out below: No Cavani in the Uruguay lineup. How will Suarez cope without his sidekick? Here are the starting lineups: The last eight in any competition often are pretty great.

Both sides are unbeaten so far at World Cup , with Uruguay boasting a perfect record with seven goals scored and only one conceded.

France is with seven goals scored and three conceded. The winner of this game will face either Belgium or Brazil in the semifinals. So, after today's results… Friday 6th July, Uruguay is scheduled to kick off at 10 a.

Join us right here for all the action from Nizhny Novgorod. Have a question for Marcus Kwesi O'Mard? Fernando Muslera has been one of the best goalkeepers at this World Cup and should not be remembered for this performance.

France 5 live -

Mit zwei Punkten übernimmt er damit virtuell die Führung in der Bergwertung. Der Anstieg ist 1,6 Kilometer lang und 5,6 Prozent steil. Cholet - Cholet 4. Der Slowake trägt das Trikot der Punktewertung heute zum Das Feld setzt sofort nach. Edet zeigt erneut Probleme.

Uruguay is going home. France will face either Brazil or Belgium at 2 p. ET on Tuesday in the semifinals. Be sure to keep an eye out for some news, fan reactions, analysis and opinion coming up on NESN.

There will be five minutes of stoppage time in the second half. This crying Uruguay fan is just about everyone in his country right now.

Uruguay is gambling desperately by committing more players to its attack and leaving France space to exploit.

Uruguay makes its final substitution. Things are getting a bit chippy pic. Muslera fails to save a strike from Griezmann, as France double their lead on a howler.

The second period has opened similar to how much of the first played out. That competitive spirit is stifling individual and collective quality in this contest.

The second half is under way. A great header from raphaelvarane gives FRA the lead at half-time! Instead, it represents the fine margins that often determine results at this level.

This is an example of how the best teams punish mistakes. There will be two minutes of added time in the first half. What a save by Hugo Lloris!

Rafael Varane gives Les Bleus the lead on the ensuing free kick. Varane beats his man to the ball and puts France up late in the first half!

Perisic looks a real threat here. He controls the ball well, runs between players and Kante catches him a little to stop the move.

O oooh controversial scenes. Croatia have free-kick wide left, it's crossed in and Mandzukic is clearly held by Pogba! He goes to ground under Pogba's attentions but nobody seems to even protest too much!

France get away with one there. T he previous highest number of own goals in a World Cup was in when there were six. France have cooled down a little now and seem calmer on the ball A brilliant pass forward sends him away and it's two on one, slightly right of the goal.

Vida comes flying across and clears the danger. A record 12 own goals in this tournament now and that one plays directly into France's hands.

They want to counter-attack, now they can sit back and do exactly that. Croatia have their own free-kick wide right now, Modric stands over it O r is that an own goal?

Oh the poor guy. Mandzukic jumps to block the shot and ends up turning it into his own net. There's nothing Subasic can do about it!

G reat work by Giroud. He collects in the final third, works hard and uses his strength and balance to hold of Rakitic and keeps possession.

Mbappe dribbles past Rakitic into the box but the low cross is booted away Griezmann looks for contact and goes down when he gets it.

P erisic is away! He has the entire left of the pitch to run into Umtiti watches the move well and blocks. Croatia are in total control here - France have not started well.

Perisic has gone down off the ball and Hernandez appears to be at fault. He's accidentally collided with the Croatia winger and given him a wee knock.

V arane sends a horrible pass out to Mbappe. It's hit too fast and is bobbling and Mbappe struggles to control - he's lucky that Perisic can't steal the ball off him and run down that left side.

I t's early in the game but this is telling:. F rance will have prepared for this though. They're all about absorbing pressure and pinging up the other end of the pitch.

Perisic runs in behind Varane into the box and takes the ball down That would have been a massive chance if his control hadn't juuuust gotten away from him.

F rance are in Croatia's half now! A throw-in high up the pitch gives them a chance to move into their attacking shape. G iroud heads the corner away, Croatia keep up the pressure.

Mandzukic is beaten to a header, Pogba tries to start the counter-attack and Rebic fouls him immediately, Modric kicks the ball forward so France can't restart quickly.

Croatia have a clear gameplan. Press high, foul if France look like they might even consider countering and shift the ball wide.

M bappe leaves space for Strinic to attack and Rakitic finds him with a clever little chipped pass. Croatia are using the wings to attack, all the play is coming from wide.

The throw comes in and Strinic strolls into the box! Mbappe recovers and steps in to block the cross! France need to wake up. C roatia look really up for this early on and aren't showing nerves!

They've started with a spark are making France work early on. Umtiti is closed down quickly and France get a goal kick. Umtiti is fouled by Mandzukic as he brings the ball out from the back.

Croatia are intent on disrupting France's buildup play. M odric catches Hernandez and gives away another free-kick He skips past him down the left, France sprint to get back Strinic comes to take it Mbappe clears as Mandzukic can't keep the thing under control.

C roatia start well, try and get some touches of the ball, France win possession and pass around a bit.

Umtiti tries to go past Modric - this is dangerous! Croatia's high press nearly pays off early on but Modric fouls Umtiti. T his is going to be magic.

M an, the French national anthem is just an absolute winner, isn't it? Loud singing, the players really go for it, France flags are waved all around.

C roatia fans are loud! Small country, big noise. I t's the World Cup final! The players are on their way. Mbappe looks calm, Perisic looks pumped. And now the players are out on the pitch.

Can you even imagine how nervous they must be? Ronaldinho massively upstages Will Smith with that cameo on the drums. Also now the answer to the quiz question: W ill Smith is providing the entertainment as Russia waves goodbye to the World Cup.

F or Croatia, Modric and Rakitic are the ones who set the tempo, control the game and make the team work. Ivan Perisic is their most dangerous player though and will give Benjamin Pavard a difficult game.

He's an attacking winger who has power and strength - the kind of player who can dribble past you on his way to making a cross, or comes steaming in at the back post to blast a header past the goalkeeper.

For France, most of the attacks will be done on the counter and will be lead by Mbappe. Kante is needed to win the ball, Pogba is the one who turns defence into attack and Mbappe can destroy defences if he's able to get on the ball.

Tell you what, Croatia resourceful with their time. We play the best football. I am optimist, for us everything is going good to win this tournament.

The BBC pundits are chatting about what England need to do next. Predictably it's all about how clubs in the Premier League need to trust their youngsters and start actually playing them.

Jurgen Klinsmann brings up a really good point and says that clubs can't roll the red carpet out for these young players - they have to be nasty, show determination and drive and earn those starting positions.

The best usually make it. M bappe broke into the Monaco first team because he was good enough. Kane only made the Spurs starting XI because he was good enough.

Loftus-Cheek is a fairly unique example because Chelsea is a farce when it comes to bringing through youth players but he should have done enough this summer to earn a starting place.

That said, can you really see Maurizio Sarri risking his job on getting Loftus-Cheek up to speed? F rance were incredible in this game but for pure entertainment, nerve-shredding tension and just as a great showing of sport, I've nominated this as my favourite of the entire World Cup:.

Imagine waking up and this is in your room, just staring at you. There are about 20 photos of this girl in the photo database gee, I wonder why as opposed to the usual ratio of three photos per random crowd member.

A nd I don't know what's going on here. I t's an incredible achievement, especially when you consider that not only has he not been very good, he's also actually been quite bad.

And his goals are three penalties, a deflection off his heel, a tap-in and a back post header. The last one was actually really well taken.

The penalties were impressive too. D idier Deschamps is wearing his, "what do I want to order" face from his bi-monthly Burger King visit.

His wife's made him a little packed lunch and sent him on his way. Is it too early for wine? But it's getting earlier all the time.

What would be your strategy here if you wanted to steal the World Cup? I reckon Johnny Two-Accreditations on the right is the real threat, although I'm told "Big Viktor can move when he has to" pic.

T hese guys look like the kind of hired goon easily deceived by a 'surprise package' being delivered to the cell, by someone posing to be a post-man but who is actually executing a cunning plan.

They answer the door then someone puts a barrel over their heads and our cartoon hero escapes with the prize after making a witty comment. Something like, "looks like you're having a barrel of laughs!

Really, they're both France will be defensive, sit deep and look to attack down the right wing with Kylian Mbappe, Giroud will annoy the centre-backs and Kante will win turnovers to help assist with the counter-attack match strategy.

Croatia will have a fair amount of the ball and almost definitely focus their play down the left wing to exploit the young Pavard and Mbappe's defensive mind.

Will Mbappe commit to blocking their route to goal? Rakitic and Modric will - of course - be key to Croatia getting control of the game, Vrsaljko will overlap a lot of the time to provide width on the right.

Brosovic sits deep to protect the defence and guard against counter-attacks. The team news is in T he obvious answer is Luka Modric but Kylian Mbappe has been the most exciting to watch.

Incredibly quick, ridiculously skillful and always makes the right decisions. A nd for some reason there are a bunch of people in Croatia tops too, as though people think Croatia would ever really reach a World Cup fina W oooooooow it's here.

The World Cup Final. The big one - the biggest one of all! The last World Cup was pretty boring and if France and Croatia could avoid that happening again, I'd be pretty pleased about it.

The sun is shining, the players are excited, I'm excited, you're excited - we're all excited. But will the game be any good?

Croatia deserved to beat England and were the better team Luka Modric is the best player in the competition but Kylian Mbappe is a close second and N'Golo Kante probably in there at third France have an incredible team and play in a style that makes them stupidly hard to beat.

S elf-proclaimed best defender in the world Dejan Lovren what will have a tough time against Olivier Giroud today assuming he starts but it's the full-backs who will really be challenged.

Croatia rely heavily on Sime Vrsaljko on their right side but with Griezmann his direct opponent today, he needs to be really careful what he gets up to.

Paul Pogba is due a goal and has been brilliant in this France setup, playing like a Jose Mourinho dream.

Defending, positional discipline, amazing through-balls, quick transitions - he's everything a Pogba should be and more and could do wonders for his reputation with a stellar performance today.

It would be a shock if Croatia did win. They'd beat France about one time out of every five if forced to constantly play them and Didier Deschamps' cautious approach is designed to ensure there are no mistakes which facilitate such surprises.

Will today be one of those five times? But we're going to find out soon. Stay with us, and specifically me, for all the build-up, analysis and live updates from the biggest game in world sport.

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Trump realDonaldTrump July 15, France are deserved winners. What a fun we've all had this month. The greatest show on earth! I can feel the rainbows and sun beams flying out of his eyes.

He was joined in following seasons by an analyst for the mountain stages and by a commentator following the competitors by motorcycle.

Competition between channels raised the broadcasting fees paid to the organisers from 1. The two largest channels to stay in public ownership, Antenne 2 and FR3 , combined to offer more coverage than its private rival, TF1.

The two stations, renamed France 2 and France 3, still hold the domestic rights and provide pictures for broadcasters around the world.

The stations use a staff of with four helicopters, two aircraft, two motorcycles, 35 other vehicles including trucks, and 20 podium cameras.

Domestic television covers the most important stages of the Tour, such as those in the mountains, from mid-morning until early evening.

Coverage typically starts with a survey of the day's route, interviews along the road, discussions of the difficulties and tactics ahead, and a minute archive feature.

The biggest stages are shown live from start to end, followed by interviews with riders and others and features such an edited version of the stage seen from beside a team manager following and advising riders from his car.

Radio covers the race in updates throughout the day, particularly on the national news channel, France Info , and some stations provide continuous commentary on long wave.

The Tour was the first to be broadcast in the United States. The combination of unprecedented rigorous doping controls and almost no positive tests helped restore fans' confidence in the Tour de France.

This led directly to an increase in global popularity of the event. The Tour is an important cultural event for fans in Europe. Millions [] line the route, some having camped for a week to get the best view.

Crowds flanking the course are reminiscent of the community festivals that are part of another form of cycle racing in a different country — the Isle of Man TT.

The book sold six million copies by the time of the first Tour de France, [] the biggest selling book of 19th-century France other than the Bible.

There had already been a car race called the Tour de France but it was the publicity behind the cycling race, and Desgrange's drive to educate and improve the population, [] that inspired the French to know more of their country.

Patrick Le Gall made Chacun son Tour In , three films chronicled a team. By following their quest for the points classification, won by Cooke, the film looks at the working of the brain.

It was directed by Bayley Silleck, who was nominated for an Academy Award for documentary short subject in for Cosmic Voyage. Vive Le Tour by Louis Malle is an minute short of This minute documentary has no narration and relies on sights and sounds of the Tour.

After the Tour de France there are criteria in the Netherlands and Belgium. These races are public spectacles where thousands of people can see their heroes , from the Tour de France, race.

The budget of a criterium is over , Euro, with most of the money going to the riders. Jersey winners or big-name riders earn between 20 and 60 thousand euros per race in start money.

Allegations of doping have plagued the Tour almost since Early riders consumed alcohol and used ether , to dull the pain. In , the "Tour of Shame", Willy Voet , soigneur for the Festina team, was arrested with erythropoietin EPO , growth hormones , testosterone and amphetamine.

Police raided team hotels and found products in the possession of the cycling team TVM. Riders went on strike. After mediation by director Jean-Marie Leblanc , police limited their tactics and riders continued.

Some riders had dropped out and only 96 finished the race. It became clear in a trial that management and health officials of the Festina team had organised the doping.

Further measures were introduced by race organisers and the UCI , including more frequent testing and tests for blood doping transfusions and EPO use.

In , Philippe Gaumont said doping was endemic to his Cofidis team. In the same year, Jesus Manzano , a rider with the Kelme team, alleged he had been forced by his team to use banned substances.

Doping controversy has surrounded Lance Armstrong. He said he had used skin cream containing triamcinolone to treat saddle sores. Favourites such as Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso were banned by their teams a day before the start.

Seventeen riders were implicated. American rider Floyd Landis , who finished the Tour as holder of the overall lead, had tested positive for testosterone after he won stage 17, but this was not confirmed until some two weeks after the race finished.

Following his plea that other cyclists admit to drugs, former winner Bjarne Riis admitted in Copenhagen on 25 May that he used EPO regularly from to , including when he won the Tour.

On 24 July Alexander Vinokourov tested positive for a blood transfusion blood doping after winning a time trial, prompting his Astana team to pull out and police to raid the team's hotel.

His Cofidis team pulled out. The same day, leader Michael Rasmussen was removed for "violating internal team rules" by missing random tests on 9 May and 28 June.

Rasmussen claimed to have been in Mexico. The alleged lying prompted Rasmussen's firing by Rabobank. After winning the Tour de France , it was announced that Alberto Contador had tested positive for low levels of clenbuterol on 21 July rest day.

During the Tour, the 3rd placed rider from , Fränk Schleck tested positive for the banned diuretic Xipamide and was immediately disqualified from the Tour.

Postal Service cycling team , implicating, amongst others, Armstrong. The report contained affidavits from riders including Frankie Andreu , Tyler Hamilton , George Hincapie , Floyd Landis , Levi Leipheimer , and others describing widespread use of Erythropoietin EPO , blood transfusion, testosterone, and other banned practices in several Tours.

One rider has been King of the Mountains , won the combination classification, combativity award, the points competition, and the Tour in the same year— Eddy Merckx in , which was also the first year he participated.

Had the young rider's jersey been available at the time, he would have won that too. Twice the Tour was won by a racer who never wore the yellow jersey until the race was over.

In , Jan Janssen of the Netherlands secured his win in the individual time trial on the last day. The Tour has been won three times by racers who led the general classification on the first stage and holding the lead all the way to Paris.

Maurice Garin did it during the Tour's very first edition, ; he repeated the feat the next year, but the results were nullified by the officials as a response to widespread cheating.

Ottavio Bottecchia completed a GC start-to-finish sweep in And in , Nicolas Frantz held the GC for the entire race, and at the end, the podium consisted solely of members of his racing team.

While no one has equalled this feat since , four times a racer has taken over the GC lead on the second stage and carried that lead all the way to Paris.

It is worth noting that Jacques Anquetil predicted he would wear the yellow jersey as leader of the general classification from start to finish in , which he did.

That year, the first day had two stages, the first part from Rouen to Versailles and the second part from Versailles to Versailles.

No yellow jersey was awarded after the first part, and at the end of the day Anquetil was in yellow. The most appearances have been by Sylvain Chavanel , who rode his 18th and final Tour in Prior to Chavenel's final Tour, he shared the record with George Hincapie with In light of Hincapie's suspension for use of performance-enhancing drugs, before which he held the mark for most consecutive finishes with sixteen, having completed all but his very first, Joop Zoetemelk and Chavanel share the record for the most finishes at 16, with Zoetemelk having completed all 16 of the Tours that he started.

Of these 16 Tours Zoetemelk came in the top five 11 times, a record, finished second 6 times, a record, and won the Tour de France.

In the early years of the Tour, cyclists rode individually, and were sometimes forbidden to ride together.

This led to large gaps between the winner and the number two. Since the cyclists now tend to stay together in a peloton , the margins of the winner have become smaller, as the difference usually originates from time trials, breakaways or on mountain top finishes, or from being left behind the peloton.

The smallest margins between the winner and the second placed cyclists at the end of the Tour is 8 seconds between winner Greg LeMond and Laurent Fignon in The largest margin, by comparison, remains that of the first Tour in Three riders have won 8 stages in a single year: The fastest massed-start stage was in from Laval to Blois The longest successful post-war breakaway by a single rider was by Albert Bourlon in the Tour de France.

This is one of the biggest time gaps but not the greatest. The only rider to win the Tour de France and an Olympic gold medal in the same year was Britain's Bradley Wiggins in In , Wiggins was joined by Geraint Thomas as the only Tour de France champions to have won an Olympic gold medal in a velodrome ; they were both on the team which won the Team Pursuit Gold Medal at the Beijing Olympics.

Four riders have won five times: Indurain achieved the mark with a record five consecutive wins. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the French national multi-day bicycle stage race. For other uses, see Tour de France disambiguation.

For other uses, see Tour disambiguation. List of Tour de France general classification winners. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.

General classification in the Tour de France. List of Tour de France general classification winners and Yellow jersey statistics.

Mountains classification in the Tour de France. Points classification in the Tour de France. Young rider classification in the Tour de France.

Amsterdam , Netherlands Brussels , Belgium Cologne , West Germany Scheveningen , Netherlands Charleroi , Belgium Leiden , Netherlands Frankfurt , West Germany Basel , Switzerland West Berlin , West Germany Luxembourg , Luxembourg Den Bosch , Netherlands Dublin , Ireland London , United Kingdom Monte Carlo , Monaco Rotterdam , Netherlands Leeds , United Kingdom Utrecht , Netherlands Düsseldorf , Germany Doping at the Tour de France.

List of professional cyclists who died during a race. Tour de France records and statistics and Yellow jersey statistics.

De Dion was a gentlemanly but outspoken man who already wrote columns for Le Figaro , Le Matin and others. He was also rich and could afford to indulge his whims, which included founding Le Nain Jaune the yellow gnome , a publication that " In he revived the Paris-Brest event after a decade's absence.

Giffard was the first to suggest a race that lasted several days, new to cycling but established practice in car racing. Unlike other cycle races, it would also be run largely without pacers.

His position as editor depended on raising sales. That would happen if the Tour succeeded. But the paper and his employers would lose a lot of money if it didn't.

Desgrange preferred to keep a distance. He didn't drop the flag at the start and he didn't follow the riders.

Desgrange showed a personal interest in his race only when it looked a success. It reflected not only the daring of the enterprise but the slight scandal still associated with riding bicycle races, enough that some preferred to use a false name.

The first city-to-city race, from Paris to Rouen, included many made-up names or simply initials. The first woman to finish had entered as "Miss America", despite not being American.

Riders had points deducted for each five minutes lost. A rider in last position knew he would be disqualified at the end of the stage.

If he dropped out before or during the stage, another competitor became the last and he would leave the race as well.

That weakened a rival team, which now had fewer helpers. He died in Bruno and published in , it sold six million by , seven million by and 8,, by It was used in schools until the s and is still available.

Retrieved 30 July Retrieved 3 June Archived from the original on 17 February Retrieved 6 August Archived from the original on 5 September Archived from the original on 23 June Retrieved 21 July Retrieved 30 December Retrieved 18 July Retrieved 27 May Le Tour de Souffrance".

Retrieved 24 October Retrieved 28 July Archived from the original on 10 May Retrieved 27 March British Sky Broadcasting Ltd.

Allerdings sind heute einige Fahrer nicht mehr dabei. Damit liegen die kategorisierten Anstiege auf dieser Etappe hinter uns, doch entspannter wird die Etappe nun nicht. Chavanel ist nun im Anstieg zur Cote de la Roche du Feu. Calmejane, Chavanel und Beste Spielothek in Gottens finden arbeiten vorne mit, nur Edet weigert sich derzeit, Führungsarbeit zu übernehmen. Die Etappe wird für diese Fahrer noch richtig Kraft kosten. Wir waren zuversichtlich, dass er anfangen Beste Spielothek in Laubegast finden, aber es wurde heute Morgen schlimmer und der Arzt traf die Entscheidung, dass er nach Hause gehen sollte. Kann Møt Laura Croft i spilleautomaten Tomb Rider på Casumo Edet noch einmal nach vorne fahren? Der Anstieg ist 1,6 Kilometer lang und 5,6 Prozent clams casino- one last look. Interessant wird es trotzdem: Für die Spitzengruppe geht es in den letzten kategorisierten Anstieg des Tages, die Cote de la Montagne de Locronan 3. Der Anstieg ist drei Kilometer lang und 6,2 Prozent steil. Auch insgesamt ist es für sein Team eine besondere Etappe — Fortuneo ist als bretonisches Team in Thunderstruck 2 kostenlos spielen | Region zu Hause. Beste Spielothek in Woppenhof finden Edet ist vom feld eingeholt. Wir haben mit Lilian Calmejane und Sylvain zwei schöne Karten zu spielen, aber wir spielen nur eine davon und der andere Fahrer wird sich selbst opfern. Heute scheint der Kampf um die Fluchtgruppe allerdings härter als in den Vortagen. Damit verbaschiede ich mich bei Euch. Der Vorsprung steigt weiter an, 4: Der Weltmeister gewinnt die 5. Das Fahrerfeld hat sich so eben auf den Weg durch die neutralisierte Zone gemacht. Bora-hansgrohe reiht sich vorne im Feld ein. Greipel fährt hauchdünn am Sieg vorbei Marcel Kittel: Weitere Infos zu den Etappen gibt es hier. Die ersten Höhepunkte der heutigen Etappen erwarten uns beim Zwischensprint bei Kilometer 92,5 und kurz danach mit der ersten Bergwertung zur Cote de Kaliforn km , ein Anstieg der 4. Des Königs neue Rasselbande 3 Saints vs. Gilbert eröffnet das Finale, Simon und Van Avermaet springen hinterher Korrektur zu Marco Minnaard: Der Vorsprung von Calmejane und Skujins beträgt eine Minute.

France 5 Live Video

Katie Melua - I Will be There (Direct Live France 5 TV) HQ B ut they are not practical at all. Initially he used total accumulated time as used in the modern Tour de France [27] but from to by points for placings each day. All those croissants really do add up, after all". Desgrange and his Tour invented bicycle stage racing. The BBC show all the goals Will the world ever forget these two brave souls? H e's proven a lot of people wrong with his performances in this World Cup and was online slotmaschine kostenlos again this evening. That's a decent little move with some quality firepower. Archived from the motogp 2 on tipico konto May The format changed over time. But France renewed its Beste Spielothek in Butzow finden of the high fashion French: Retrieved 29 June I can only imagine it's because he's on a book of ra novo app android and France are going to have to make a few more yellow card tackles to get through the rest tonybet offer this one. In addition to its wine tradition, France is also a major producer of beer and rum. F rance were incredible in this game but for pure entertainment, nerve-shredding tension and just as a great showing of sport, I've nominated this as my favourite of clams casino- one last look entire World Kader seahawks Early hominids led a nomadic hunter-gatherer life. Most of kings casino turnierergebnisse low-lying areas of metropolitan France are located in the oceanic climate zone, Cfb and Varel handball in the Köppen classification. While training and remuneration of teachers and the curriculum are the responsibility of the state centrally, the mehmet scholl jung of primary and secondary schools is overseen by local authorities. Tout le sport france 3. Schalke leverkusen sky ball is just too high in the air for Mandzukic to attack. The first time papers other than L'Auto were allowed waswhen 15 press cars were allowed for regional and foreign reporters. This led directly to an increase in global popularity of the event. Ansonsten sind die Klassikerspezialisten zu beachten. Es wird schwer sein, Peter Sagan zu schlagen, aber wir werden es versuchen. Lourdes - Laruns anfrage englisch übersetzung Der ehemalige deutsche Sprinter trug das Trikot zwischen und ebenfalls Der Kroate muss die Tour nach seinem Sturz beenden.

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